Privacy Policy

MINDOOL takes great care to protect your privacy and to secure the data that is stored on the MINDOOL servers. MINDOOL takes measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or destruction.

This Privacy Policy describes how MINDOOL handles the data it has access to.


When you use MINDOOL, you send pieces of data to MINDOOL; this can be a name, an e-mail address, or information relating to your appointment. Other data is generated implicitly by your use of MINDOOL, e.g. log data.

Log data

MINDOOL records certain requests and transactions in log files. This log data is used for troubleshooting, statistics, quality assurance, and to monitor system security and can be analyzed to that end. MINDOOL can publish anonymous statistics under the condition that no personally identifiable information can be derived from such statistics.


When you use MINDOOL, the service can store cookies on your computer. Cookies are little pieces of information that can help identify your browser and that can store information, e.g. application settings. MINDOOL uses cookies to track usage, to improve ease-of-use and the overall user experience, and to manage advertising inventories. More details here.


Advertising is one of MINDOOL’s revenue streams. Therefore, MINDOOL displays advertisements on some of the services, e.g. on certain web pages or in e-mails. These advertisements can be targeted based on the information that is available to MINDOOL, e.g. language, IP address, poll content, etc. This targeting is always an automated process; none of the information used for targeting is analyzed manually or made available to advertising customers. These advertisements can be targeted based on the process content. MINDOOL does not disclose that information and only uses it for the intended purpose.

MINDOOLS's paid services (MINDOOL PRO) are ad-free.

Public domain processes

Copyrights to contributions made in for free processes are ceded to MINDOOL under the Terms of Service and may be made available to the public domain and submitted to search engines. No user related will be disclosed.

Inactive accounts

MINDOOL can delete user-accounts if they remain inactive (i.e. not accessed) for 1 year or longer.

Unauthorized access

MINDOOL implements several mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to private processes, accounts, or other data.

To access a private process, you use the unique link which MINDOOL provides and which contains a random access code. This link is an important element to prevent unauthorized access to a private process. You should send this link only to authorized people, i.e., the people you wish to participate in your private process.

User-accounts are protected by passwords. You should choose a secure password and ensure its confidentiality to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Inviting from MINDOOL

As an option, you can contact and invite people to participate in a process from MINDOOL. In this case, MINDOOL needs to know the e-mail addresses or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts of the people to be contacted. You can enter these e-mail addresses or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts in the corresponding form. MINDOOL stores these e-mail addresses in your user-account or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts for your convenience; MINDOOL will be able to offer you the same contacts again next time you use the service. You can have MINDOOL delete all stored e-mail addresses or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts any time using the corresponding function in your user-account.

General remark: Like all other personal information, MINDOOL will not share participants' e-mail addresses or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts with third parties. MINDOOL will not send any e-mail communication to participants' e-mail addresses or facebook™ or Google+™ accounts without your consent.

Communication between you and MINDOOL

If you send MINDOOL a message, this message can be stored to process it, to compile statistical information, to improve our services and support, or to get in touch with you.

Payment processing

MINDOOL supports the leading payment processing provider, PayPal. You can find their privacy policies here: PayPal. To make payments as easy and user-friendly as possible, MINDOOL sends your name and e-mail address to Paypal during a payment process. All this information would be requested by the provider anway.

Location of data

The MINDOOL databases are located in Germany.

Sharing personal information

MINDOOL uses personal information according to the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

MINDOOL may share personal information with other companies or individuals only in the following limited circumstances: (i) MINDOOL has your consent; (ii) MINDOOL has good faith that there is a legal obligation to share the data; (iii) MINDOOL needs to access or share the data to protect the security of the service or of others users’ data; (iv) MINDOOL needs to access or share the data to protect MINDOOL’s rights and property or to enforce the Terms of Service.

Users affected by privacy policy

These clauses are active only for non-paying users.


MINDOOL reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. The most current version of this policy is available at

June 22, 2016