Frequently asked questions

How do I create a Mindool?

Please go to Create a Mindool on the header of our Mindool website. Then you can enter the main topic, the needed template, the privacy mode, and the advanced settings.

How can I make sure that only my friends see the Mindool?

When you create a Mindool, you can set the privacy option according to your needs. You can choose between public Mindools (published in our Explore listing), a private link, a private link that requires a password, and a personal invitation to a Mindool.

Can I use Mindool free of charge as a private person?

The participation in public Mindools is free, and you only need to register yourself. Please consult the Pricing page for the features available to yourself.

What kind of data does Mindool hold about me?

We only know your email address and your user name. All your contributions to Mindools are held in our database which is encrypted and tested to high security standards. Please also see our Terms and Privacy pages for more information.

Why is my screen blank? Why is my layout so strange?

This could be due to your browser or operation system or the inability of our code to handle them. Given the large diversity of machines and browsers, we try our best to get a working display for the latest versions. We suggest that you first update your operation system and browsers, and try again. If you still experience issues, please contact us by attaching a screenshot and describing the version of your operating system and browser.

Why is the number of characters per idea box limited to a tweet size?

Ideas are the building blocks of human communication. By restricting the number of characters to 140, users must express one idea at a time concisely. This mental exercise imposes more intellectual rigor, which improves the overall clarity of the exchanges.