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    Getting started

    Communication with others often ends up in chaos. Mindool proposes a better solution
    We offer structured interfaces to communicate effectively
    Choose the interface you need, for what you want to do
    Here is one example: Is my idea well supported?
    For a structured communication, create a pro & con page for your idea!
    Invite people to your page! Email the link to participants.
    View and add supporting and opposing ideas! More tips?
    Discuss the pros & cons of an argument
    Edit ideas to correct errors, to fine-tune ideas or for context-independence
    Mindools can be used everywhere

    Free Lifetime Account

    Stop the usual chaos arising from unstructured email conversations or social media discussions!

    Mindool offers you a unique tool for structured collaboration that allows you to work together with hundreds of people within your community.

    Free features include:

    • choose the right template from the most common communications, be it to collect ideas to a topic, creating minutes live, evaluate issues using a pro & con tree, comparing options, or using Kanban for project management
    • create and manage private mindools for up to 10 registered users
    • manage your list of mindools
    • export and print mindools

    Click here to create your free account.


    Mindool+ offers additional features needed for businesses and institutions to harvest ideas and decide more effectively:

    • benefit from additional templates such as a SWOT analysis
    • manage private mindools for an unlimited number of registered users and create groups
    • use additional features such as deadlines and notifications
    • option to install app on your own servers for maximum security

    Please contact us for more information.